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Intuitive Usui Reiki Classes 
Woburn, Massachusetts
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 Reiki One Practitioner

Reiki Two Therapist

Reiki Three: Advanced Reiki Therapist (ART)

Reiki Master Teacher


I'm still processing everything I learned from you Starr! Itís hard to put into words what the day meant to me and also what I felt during the Reiki attunement process. It was a profoundly spiritual experience, and the benefits will continue to unfold as time passes ~ a physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. I know other people trained in Reiki I who didn't benefit from such a personal, spiritual perspective driving the whole process. I feel very blessed and lucky to have done this training with you and am looking forward to the next levels.  Sandra D, LICSW, Boston, MA

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Intuitive Reiki One Practitioner

The Reiki I class opens your doorway to an endless path of healing and discovery! My specially developed classes can, if you so desire, afford you the opportunity to open to your own wonderful intuitive abilities! With your Reiki Attunement your capacity to channel Reiki is permanently aligned and cleared to begin healing yourself, others, plants, animals...everything you touch! You learn about energy healing in general and the role, history, and philosophy of Reiki. You learn the Gassho Meditation and how to recite the five Reiki Principles in Japanese,. You will learn to use several specialized Reiki healing techniques including Joshin Kokyuu-Ho to purify and boost your energy field, Genetsu-Ho to bring down fever, and Gedoku-Ho to reduce toxins. There's lots of hands-on practice to help you feel secure using Reiki. You receive a comprehensive Reiki I manual that covers the class material and more.

Attend Starr's twice-monthly Reiki Share to further develop your skills and confidence using Reiki, and to develop friendships with others on the Reiki path of healing and spiritual development.

One Day Class ~ 8:30am - 5:30pm
Class Fee:  $175  Includes free handouts. 

: $75.00 for Starr's former students; Includes Re-Attunement
                 Refresher fee is for Starr's former students.  For others this class will assuredly provide additional information, empowerment and skill along with intuitive development.  And it 
                 beautifully deepens your perspective on Reiki to learn from more than one teacher!

Class Size
:  Small & Personalized ~ Up To Six Students 



Decenber January February March
  6 Saturday  3  Saturday   7 Saturday  7 Saturday
20 Saturday 10 Saturday 23 Monday 30 Monday
29 Monday 25 Sunday
- - -  -

Classes held in Woburn, MA
Other dates and locations upon request
$75 deposit is non-refundable, but can be re-applied to any class date

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Receive Free or Discounted Reiki Training

Intuitive Reiki Two Therapist

In Reiki II your intuitive abilities, with your intention and desire, will continue to expand!  Learn about mental and emotional healing for yourself and others, and learn to perform Distance Reiki. We begin with the Reiki Principles and a short meditation followed by your Reiki II Attunement. You are introduced to three sacred Reiki symbols for use during in-person and distance healing sessions. Techniques you learn will include healing the past, which enhances your life and the choices you make for a happier future!  You acquire a basic understanding of the chakra system, the subtle bodies, and sources of disease to help you understand the subtle effects of healing with Reiki. You learn up to five practical, specialized Japanese Reiki techniques including the Shashin Chiryo method of sending Reiki, the Koki and Gyoshi-Ho techniques to heal with your breath and eyes, and the Seiheki Chiryo to heal unwanted habits. You also receive a Reiki II reference manual, to help ensure you remember it all!

One Day ~ 9:30am - 4:30pm
Class Fee:  $375 Includes a comprehensive Class Folder to summarize and fortify your class.

Refresher:  $75 for Starr's former students, includes Re-Attunement
                 Refresher fee is for Starr's former students.  For others this class will assuredly provide additional information, empowerment and skill along with intuitive development.  And it
                 beautifully deepens your perspective on Reiki to learn from more than one teacher!
Class Size:
  Small & Personalized ~ Up To Six Students



December January February March
  7  Sunday   4 Sunday    8 Sunday   8 Sunday
 21 Sunday 11 Sunday  24 Tuesday 31 Tuesday
 30 Tuesday 26 Monday    

Classes held in Woburn, MA 
Other dates and locations available upon request
$100 deposit is non-refundable, but can be re-applied to any class date

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Reiki Three: Intuitive ART & Reiki Master Teacher


***  Starr, your Reiki III class taught me so many new skills and techniques that help me in my healing practice! The healing attunement is amazing, and I love that I can do them on myself. I am in awe of the Raphael Symbol and look forward to using it. Thank you Starr! I encourage everyone to bless their lives with your Reiki III class! 
Marcia P., Bedford, MA

***  Reiki III was a beautiful experience, a deep sense of peace. The Reiki III energy is powerful, yet gentle. The surges are loud and clear!!!! Starr, thank you for sharing your knowledge, compassion and love for Reiki. It was the best gift I could ever give to myself!  Thank you Starr!  
Carol R., Peabody, MA


Reiki Three begins a clearing and healing of your Spiritual body. This is an accelerated path, which Usui Sensei named Shinpiden (Mystery Teaching). 

Reiki Three has two distinct parts.  That is because some people want the Third Degree Attunement but don't have plans to teach Reiki in the near future. The two parts are therefore Reiki III Advanced Reiki Therapist, and Reiki Master Teacher.  People who want both levels usually take the two parts together.

Advanced Reiki Therapist (ART)

The first part of Reiki Three begins your path for healing yourself and others at the Spiritual level.  The advanced techniques will double or even triple your intuitive healing skills!  Class details include:

*  You share your experience using the First and Second degree energies, followed by a question and answer period. 

*  You receive your Attunement, after which you learn the Third Degree symbol, how to draw it and how to use it for healing yourself and others. We share methods you can use to consciously develop your intuition and enhance Spiritual development.

*  You learn to perform a Reiki Healing Attunement which helps to remove blocks and accelerate healing at all levels.  Used at the beginning of a session, it can help you access a higher frequency of healing light.  And/or you can use it after a session, to seal and instill 'time released' healing for your client. 

*  Learn Archangel Raphael's symbol given to me during meditation in 1999. Learn how to use this unique symbol to heal yourself and others on all levels. Discussion includes fascinating stories of how the Raphael symbol has successfully healed physical, emotional and spiritual issues! It works powerfully but gently; it's a must-have for your advanced Reiki healing 'toolbox'!  

*  Learn to set up a Reiki healing space to give professional sessions. We cover legalities, the practical aspects of setting up a space, bookkeeping, and some of the free and fee-based marketing strategies that help you gain the recognition you deserve and generate the clients you want to help! 

One or Two Days ~ depending on the number of students, limit 4

Fee: The same as Starr paid in 1996 ~ $1000.



Scheduled Upon Request One Day, 9 - 5pm 
With Lifetime Support

Classes held in Woburn, MA 
Other days and locations arranged upon request
Private Reiki classes upon request    

Register for Reiki III Advanced Reiki Therapist

Reiki Master Teacher

The Reiki Master Teacher class is the crowning glory of the Usui Reiki system.  

The Attunement for Reiki Master Teacher is an eternal 'kiss for your soul'.  It bestows upon you the authority to teach Reiki to others. 

You learn the inner and outer mechanics of giving attunements for Reiki One, Reiki Two, Reiki Three Advanced Reiki Therapist, and Reiki Master Teacher. You will practice passing Attunements until you feel confident doing so! Learning to pass Attunements is a very joyful part of class! You learn to incorporate the Master Symbol with the Reiki symbols from Reiki II for self-healing, in your sessions with clients, and in distance healing. We explore how passing an Attunement affects you and your students, and we discuss all the levels of Reiki from the teaching perspective in comprehensive detail, so you leave with a good idea of what to teach in each level. To give you added perspective, we explore other styles of Reiki in the world today, such as Jikiden and Karuna. After class you are invited to teach Reiki in my classes and you receive unlimited abundance of practical support while you expand your own Reiki practice. 

I love teaching teachers! You can experience a joyful 'Reiki High' throughout the three days of this class! 

Three (3) Days, 9:30am - 5pm, Teaching Practice, Special Projects, Lifetime Support: 

Tuition: The same as Starr paid in 1996, please inquire



Scheduled Upon Request

Three-Four Days, 9:00am - 5pm 
Teaching Practice Opportunities 
Event Planning and Hosting Opportunities
 Lifetime Support

Classes held in Woburn, MA
Other days and locations arranged upon request

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