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             Intuitive Reiki Center 
About Starr Sadaya Beauvais
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 Jikiden Reiki Seminars  ~  Usui Reiki Classes
Intuitive Healing Sessions

"Reiki Is Love"

Reiki is a gentle method of healing ourselves, each other, and our pets using Spiritually Guided Life Energy. Reiki exists throughout the Universe. Your Certified Practitioner is trained to deliver Reiki to help you heal on every level. For example, Reiki can heal physically (disease and injury), mentally (bi-polar disorder, Alzheimer's), or emotionally (stress, depression, anxiety). Just as your body knows how to function without your thinking about it, your body knows how to use Reiki to enhance your health and well being. An experienced Practitioner facilitates the whole process. During a session you may feel warmth from your practitioner's hands, a tingling sensation, or a feeling of lightness. You may become so relaxed you fall soundly asleep. Reiki leaves you feeling peaceful and and relaxed, and better able to handle any challenge with which you're faced. 

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Schools of Reiki

Within Reiki are various schools that are quite different from one another in both their teachings and applications. I offer the two versions best known for their exceptional healing benefits: 

Usui Reiki originated in Japan in the 1920's. Its wondrous effects propelled the system around the world.  As it traveled, the teachings adapted to different cultures and belief systems, losing much of the original foundation and teachings. Still, it's a lovely form of Reiki, and it has proven its value. I was honored many years ago to learn Usui Reiki from internationally renown Arjava Petter, author of The Legacy of Dr. Usui. 

Jikiden Reiki is Japanese Reiki in it's original, simple and perfect form. In the mid 1990's Chiyoko Yamaguchi was discovered in Tokyo using Reiki that she learned in the 1930's from one of Reiki's founding fathers. Jikiden means 'directly passed down' and the school adheres strictly to the original system that propelled Reiki around the world in the first place! I was honored to learn Jikiden Reiki in 2008 from Tadao Yamaguchi author of Light on the Origins of Reiki. 

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Enhanced Benefits
Usui-Jikiden Reiki Healing Sessions

My client who plays for the Boston Symphony Orchestra is very sensitive to the vibrations created by musical instruments. I was exited to hear her perfectly describe the difference between Usui and Jikiden Reiki:   

     "Usui Reiki plays like a violin ~ airy, lyrical, a high pitched, fine vibration, like a bird in flight playing on the waves of air; 

     Jikiden Reiki plays like a cello ~ a solid, grounded base pitch, with a slower vibration and deep resonance."

Usui Reiki gently heals and balances my clients, while Jikiden Reiki is the powerhouse for physical healing issues. Combination sessions are perfect for healing body, mind and spirit!

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Grief Healing

Profound healing can occur when you discover through an Intuitive Grief Healing session that you have NOT been separated from your friend, loved one or pet...they've left their body, but their consciousness is still fully present. Intuitive Grief Healing is the process of connecting with someone you love on 'the other side', in order to help you achieve inner peace about their passing.  Read more about this service offered by Starr.

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The Buddha

"The eyesight has another eyesight, the hearing another hearing, and the voice another voice."                               Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

           "...Knock and The Door Will Be Opened...."

Meditation offers endless Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical benefits. It relieves stress and anxiety, encourages deep mental and physical relaxation, and stimulates your creativity. Meditation enhances your ability to communicate directly through your heart and mind with your Guides and Inner Teacher ~ who love you unconditionally and who wait patiently for you to know them better and to love them in return. There are as many ways to meditate as there are people who practice ... there is no one 'right' way!  So... click on in here, and copy out a technique or two to try for yourself!

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Intuitive Reiki Center
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