About Your Hostess

Reiki Training & Practice

Starr’s venture into energy healing began in the mid 1990’s with simple Laying-On-Of-Hands as taught by the Edgar Cayce organization in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This was soon followed by:

  • Reiki Master Teacher certification in Usui Reiki with renown Arjava Petter,
  • Teacher certification in Universal Spiritual Healing with Sri Anand of India,
  • Teacher of Magnified Healing, rooted in the tradition of Quan Yin,
  • Shihan (Teacher) certification in Jikiden Reiki by founder Tadao Yamagushi, Jikiden Reiki Institute, Tokyo.

Starr is based in Woburn, MA, and practices throughout New England including Morrisville and Burlington, VT. Classes are small to ensure each student learns to apply Reiki in their daily lives. She has attracted clients and students from all corners of the US and from as far away as Kuwait, Egypt, Australia, London, the South of France and more.

Since learning Reiki in 1996, Starr has performed over 8,500 Intuitive Reiki Sessions for people from all walks of life. She has taught hundreds of students, from the homebound to housewives, students and blue-collar workers to ordained ministers, executives, nurses, surgeons, and psychological and physical therapists of every kind.

Starr is a Reiki specialist; Reiki is her passion.

If you are looking for a dedicated and experienced Reiki healer-teacher, you’re in the right place!


The Traditional Usui Reiki lineage you inherit in Starr’s classes is as follows:

Usui – Hayashi – Takata – Furumoto – Helbling – Gilgen – Popat – Arjava Petter – Starr B.
(Photo from Reiki Master Teacher Class, Dusseldorf, Germany)

The Jikiden Reiki lineage you inherit when you learn from Starr is as follows:

Usui – Hayashi – Yamaguchi – Starr B.
(Photo from Jikiden Reiki, Shoden & Okuden Class, Framingham, Massachusetts, USA)


As a volunteer for two hospice organizations, Starr uses Reiki to support patients during their last months of life, and to ease them through the sacred final moments of transition. She provides Reiki in nursing homes and in the wards and ICUs and surgical suites of hospitals in Boston and suburbs, and in Burlington, Vermont. She presents Reiki at hospice volunteer trainings and Introduction to Reiki at nursing facilities, corporations, and wellness events throughout New England. Starr was honored to teach the entire staff of a MA hospice organization and is passionate about working with people at end-of-life. Starr is a member of the Edgar Cayce Institute in VA Beach, and a volunteer for the International Spiritual Emergence Network of CA.

Spiritual Background

Starr pursues spiritual truths and understanding through meditation and study of the Kabbala, Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism as well as other respected philosophies. Though brought up Methodist and respectful of all religions for the pearls of truth and wisdom they have to offer, Starr pursues and aspires to share the path of Pure Spirit which embodies all religions and all of us.

Family Lineage

Starr is a distant cousin of Mary Baker Eddy (July 16, 1821 – December 3, 1910), spiritual healer and founder of the First Church of Christ Scientist. Ms. Eddy taught the art of spiritual healing for twelve years in Lynn, MA, where Starr currently lives and practices Reiki. Over her career Ms. Eddy taught hundreds of men and women the art of spiritual healing, who in turn established successful healing practices across the United States and abroad.

Starr’s lineage also includes the Native American Mohawk Nation.

Inspiration to Learn Reiki

As I opened Spiritually, it was clear that healing with energy was a strength for me. In meditation I asked, “Is that what You’d have me do for my life’s work?”

(Allow me to preface this story with the fact that it’s not unusual for people who meditate to receive guidance in visual form!)

In response to my question, in my mind I saw my hand on my white kitchen wall. I thought, “ok…”, then my hand tilted up, and white light beamed from my hand print. Then I ‘heard’, “And everything you touch will have a green glowing light.”

I called a friend who learned something called Reiki, who gave me the name of her teacher. That was Saturday night, and on Monday morning I was in my first Reiki class. Within a half hour I was filled with a happiness I didn’t understand but I declared to myself, “I’m going to teach this!”, followed by “Now, what is this I’m going to teach!?” Zeroing in on my passion from that moment on, I never looked back.

Thank you for visiting my site, allowing me the privilege of sharing with you some of what I’ve learned.

This is a test

…On Spiritual Emergence

From Thursday, September 12, to Sunday, September 15, 1996, I underwent a spontaneous spiritual experience. I was aware at all times that I was in my home but most of my awareness was in another poignant reality. For three days the phone didn’t ring and no one came to the door. I trusted the process because I knew it was created by Someone much greater than me. This experience involved a mostly three-fold theme: Coming to peace with my deepest fears; releasing my attachments to people, places and things; and experiencing a flow of events from the ancient past, to the present, and into the future. Vivid challenges were presented, easy ones developed into ones I found ultimately difficult. I experienced two ‘deaths’, and at the moment of the second and more difficult one, the journey was over as suddenly as it began. As you might imagine, I said my prayers and paced the floor asking, “What was that!?”

I didn’t eat or sleep those three days, and after two days’ recovery I left home and headed for the bookstores for answers. The first clear reference I found was in ‘Dark Night of the Soul’, by St. John of the Cross. Over time I discovered that every culture and religion has reference to such phenomena: In Eastern Traditions there’s Kundalini Awakening; the American Indians call it the Spirit Quest; Shamans might refer to it as a Shamanic Journey.

Research reveals that since about the 1960’s the number of people encountering this type of challenge is multiplying exponentially. I’m convinced we’re being inundated with Divine transformational energy and that, one by one, our spirits are responding. Sometimes these experiences are spontaneous, sometimes people quest for them.

Contemporary writer Dr. Stanislov Grof has written several books on this subject including ‘Transpersonal Vision’, which I highly recommend. An excellent resource from the Buddhist perspective is ‘A Path With Heart’ by Jack Kornfield.

Six months later, I looked on the calendar and saw that the experience took place over Rosh Hashanah. That inspired me to attend Rosh Hashanah in 1997 with a small, modest congregation in Marblehead, MA, a wonderful experience! The night prior, I’d meditated while focusing upon Psalms 19:14, a verse about prayer and meditation. If I had any reservations about being at this Jewish ceremony, they vanished when the Rabbi opened with that same verse. Also, to my surprise, I experienced another period of inner challenge similar to, though milder than, the first one. It continues to occur to some degree every year during Rosh Hashanah.

The benefits of these experiences are staggering in their possibilities. They can include deep and sure spiritual knowledge, healings and cures in the spiritual, mental/emotional and physical bodies, the lifting of karmic debt, and the awakening of various spiritual gifts.

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Claircognizance


Following my inward journey, I was gifted with specialized intuitive awareness which adds unique depth and dimension to my Reiki sessions and classes. To my delight, I see Spirit Guides and deceased loved ones and pets; I see ‘past lives’, and current and future circumstances for the benefit of myself and others; in Reiki sessions Spirit Guides sometimes make me aware of the root issue the client needs to heal, and they guide me to use Reiki in specific ways to help; sometimes I’m able to see into a client’s body to the root of a physical problem, and along with specific Reiki techniques, my Guides tell me safe and natural remedies the client can use along with any other treatment he’s receiving. The intuitive realm is an amazing tool, and I use it wisely, with a hefty dose of discernment. Intuitive awareness is priceless in working both with Reiki and with Grief Healing. What amazed me most after I saw my first Spirit Being was that it didn’t phase me that I’d seen her ~ it seemed so natural!

Reiki is a spiritual practice for me. It’s an honor when a person comes to me for a session, or asks me to teach them Reiki, or wants to discuss spiritual matters. I believe that we’re drawn to those who are right for us, and whether we draw one person or 10,000, the value is the same ~ we have been of service.

I hope that this site offers you something useful.

Namaste, (I honor the God within you that is also within me)

Starr Sadaya B.