Intuitive Usui Reiki Classes

Reiki I Practitioner

Reiki classes begin at Level One, opening the doorway to a gentle yet powerful path for healing and self discovery! Your Reiki Attunement aligns you to Reiki energy which you use to heal yourself, other people, plants, animals and everything else you touch. You learn about energy healing in general and the role, history, and philosophy of the Reiki tradition. Simple Gassho Meditation instruction follows, followed by learning the five Reiki Precepts in Japanese.You learn simple techniques that boost your natural intuitive ability to heal at deep, meaningful levels. You will boost your skills with several Japanese techniques including Joshin Kokyuu-Ho to purify and boost your energy field and the Genetsu-Ho to bring down fever.  There’s lots of hands-on practice during Reiki class and as a result you feel confidant and secure using Reiki every day. Importantly, you receive a comprehensive Reiki I folder to reinforce your class.

Attend Starr’s monthly Reiki Share to further develop your skills and confidence using Reiki.  Also, you develop friendships with others on the Reiki path of healing and spiritual development.

One Day Class ~ 8:30am – 5:30pm
Fee: $175 Includes Class Manual
Refresher: $100 for Starr’s former students; Includes Re-Attunement

The refresher fee is for Starr’s former students. For others alread0y attuned to Reiki I, come learn again!  You receive additional Attunements and Starr’s Reiki class will provide additional information, empowerment and skill along with intuitive development. Besides, it also deepens your perspective on Reiki to learn from more than one teacher!

Reiki I Dates
November 2, 2019SaturdayWoburn
December 7SaturdayWoburn
January 4, 2020SaturdayWoburn
February 1SaturdayWoburn
March 7SaturdayWoburn
April 4SaturdayWoburn
May 2SaturdayWoburn
June 6SaturdayWoburn

Reiki Classes held in Woburn, MA.
Other dates and locations upon request.
$75 deposit is non-refundable, but can be re-applied to any class date

Reiki II Therapist

In Reiki II your intuitive abilities continue to expand. Learn mental and emotional healing for yourself and others, and learn to perform Distance Reiki. We begin with the Reiki Principles followed by your Reiki II Attunement. Next, you are introduced to three sacred Reiki symbols to use during in-person and distance healing sessions. Techniques you learn include healing the past, which enhances your life and the choices you make for a happier future. You acquire an understanding of the chakra system, subtle bodies, and sources of disease to help you understand the inner workings of Reiki healing. Lastly, you learn up to five practical Japanese Reiki techniques.  These include the Shashin Chiryo method of sending Reiki, the Koki and Gyoshi-Ho to heal with your breath and eyes, and the Seiheki Chiryo to heal unwanted habits. You receive a manual too, to help ensure you remember it all!

One Day ~ 9:30am – 4:30pm
Fee: $375 Includes a comprehensive Class Manual to summarize and fortify your class.
Refresher: $175 for Starr’s former students, includes Re-Attunement

The refresher fee is for Starr’s former students. For others, maybe you’d like to take the class again! You benefit from additional empowerment and skill along with intuitive development. Also, it deepens your perspective on Reiki to learn from more than one teacher. Ultimately, depth of perspective is priceless!

Reiki II Dates
November 3, 2019SundayWoburn
December 8SundayWoburn
January 5, 2020SundayWoburn
February 2SundayWoburn
March 8SundayWoburn
April 5SundayWoburn
May 3SundayWoburn
June 7SundayWoburn

Reiki Classes held in Woburn, MA.
Other dates and locations upon request.
$100 deposit is non-refundable, but can be re-applied to any class date

Reiki III

Reiki Three includes an attunement for the clearing and healing of your Spiritual body. This is an accelerated path, which Usui Sensei named Shinpiden (Mystery Teaching).

Reiki Three has two parts:  Advanced Reiki Therapist is for those who want the advanced Attunements and techniques; then the Reiki Master Teacher level is for those wanting to lead their own Reiki classes.  Of course, these two levels can be learned together if desired.

Advanced Reiki Therapist (ART)

ART begins your path for healing yourself and others at the Spiritual level. Especially relevant is that the advanced techniques will hugely increase your intuitive healing skills!

Firstly, we review your experience using the First and Second degree energies, followed by a question and answer period.

Then receive your Attunement, followed by learning the Third Degree symbol, how to draw it and how to use it for healing yourself and others.  Then you learn methods to consciously develop your intuition and enhance Spiritual development.

Next, learn to perform a Reiki Healing Attunement! This attunement helps to remove blocks and accelerates healing at all levels. Used at the beginning of a session, it can help you access a higher frequency of healing light.  You can also use it after a session to seal and instill ‘time released’ healing for your client.

Become blessed with Archangel Raphael’s symbol given to me during meditation in 1999. Learn how to use this unique symbol for psychic surgery. You’ll hear fascinating stories of how the Raphael symbol successfully healed physical, emotional and spiritual issues! It works powerfully but gently and it’s a must-have for your advanced Reiki healing ‘toolbox’!

Lastly, learn to set up a Reiki healing space to give professional sessions. We cover legalities and the practical aspects of setting up a space. You learn the simple bookkeeping, and some of the free and fee-based marketing strategies that help you gain recognition and help people find you!

One or Two Days ~ depending on the number of students, limit 4
Fee:  $1,000 Includes Class Manual plus documents and materials to help you open your own Reiki practice if that is your desire.
Class Dates: Scheduled Upon Request, One Day 9am – 6pm with lifetime support

Reiki Classes held in Woburn, MA
Other days and locations arranged upon request
Private Reiki classes upon request

Reiki Master Teacher

The Reiki Master Teacher class is the crowning achievement of the Usui Reiki system. The Attunement for Reiki Master Teacher is a ‘kiss for your soul’ and it bestows upon you the authority to teach Reiki to others. I love teaching teachers. You experience a joyful ‘Reiki High’ throughout the three days of this class.

Learning to pass Attunements is a joyful part of Reiki class. You learn the inner and outer mechanics of giving attunements for Reiki One through Master Teacher, then practice passing Attunements until you feel confident! You learn to incorporate the Master Symbol with the Reiki symbols from Reiki II for self-healing, in your sessions with clients, and in distance healing. We discuss all the levels of Reiki from the teaching perspective in comprehensive detail, so you leave with a good idea of what to teach in each level. To give you added perspective, we explore other styles of Reiki such as Jikiden and Karuna. After Reiki class you are invited to teach Reiki in my classes while you receive practical support expanding your own Reiki practice.

Lineage is highly valued in the Japanese culture. When you learn with me you inherit a lineage that’s unique and esteemed in the USA.  Wanting to learn from the best of the best, I traveled to Germany to learn Usui Reiki with renown Arjava Petter, and brought those teaching back to the US. 

Here Is your full Lineage:
Dr. Mikeo UsuiTokyo Japan
Dr. Chujiro HayashiTokyo Japan
Mrs. Hawayo TakataHawaii
Phyllis FurumotoUSA
Evelyne HelblingGermany
Miranda and Peter GilgenSwitzerland
Ageh & Unmesha PopatGermany
Frank Arjava PetterGermany
Starr Sadaya BeauvaisUSA

Your lineage is significant.  Who your teacher learned from, and who that teacher learned from, all the way back to the Founder, is indicative of the quality of class you can expect to receive.  All of the teachers in Starr’s lineage are/were full time dedicated Reiki teachers.

In this lineage you inherit position #10.  In Numerology the 10 translates to new beginnings with unlimited potential and much more! Click to read the wonderful benefits of #10 and how it can influence your work with Reiki.  If you would like a boost towards making a difference with Reiki in the world, this lineage will help you accomplish your goals!

Three (3) Days, 9:30am – 5pm, Teaching Practice, Reiki Clinic and Share Projects, Lifetime Support
Tuition: $4,000
Class Dates: Scheduled Upon Request

Reiki Classes held in Woburn, MA.
Other days and locations arranged upon request.

Reiki Practice Sessions

After you learn Reiki it’s very important to have practice time in a supported environment. I try to offer this once per month.

At Reiki Share you give and receive sessions and have a chance to get feedback, share comments and ask questions.  You also benefit from sharing time with like-minded, warm and welcoming Reiki Practitioners of all levels!

Intuitive Usui Reiki Shares are usually held the Wednesday following the weekend of class.  I send a notice a few days before our meeting.  If you don’t hear from me please check with me about the date.

If you learned Reiki with another teacher and want to come to our Reiki Share, let me know.  I’ll be happy to place your name on the list of people who receive Reiki Share notices.

Time:           6:30 – 9:00pm (It’s ok to arrive late or leave early if need be!)
Location:     76R Winn St., Suite 2D Woburn, MA
Fee:              $20    Tea, water and light snacks are provided.