Private Reiki Sessions

Usui Reiki

The traditional Reiki session is very relaxing and balancing. It’s a peaceful, quiet session that focuses Reiki on all the major organs and systems of your body.  If there’s anything in particular you’d like to work on I spend extra time there.  When your body releases stress, your body systems return to a more integrated and efficient state of being.  This facilitates healing on all levels, physical, mental/emotional and spiritual.  This is a beautiful session.

Though intuitive focus isn’t part of this session, guidance sometimes comes through on it’s own.  I pass that on to you as a gift from Reiki and me!

60 minutes: $75              Pack of 2:  $140 (Save $10)

90 minutes:  $110           Pack of 2:  $200 (Save $20)


Jikiden Reiki Healing

This Reiki session focuses like a laser beam on the physical level which is perfect for addressing chronic problems or disease, and uses a powerful technique to directly address mental or emotional conditions. Intuitive work is not part of this session, as it focuses on the physical and/or emotional levels of your Being. This beautiful session  includes Ketsuki Kokan Ho, a Reiki technique you’ll love which helps stimulate your body to release toxins and stress.

60 minutes:  $85               Pack of 2:  $160 (Save $10)

90 minutes : $120            Pack of 2:  $225  (Save $15)


Intuitive Reiki Session:

Using three styles of Reiki ~ Intuitive, Jikiden and Usui ~ we focus on all levels of your Being (physical, mental/emotional and spiritual). It allows time for you to benefit from Starr’s gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Claircognizance and Mediumship. Some of the things we can address:

  • Relationship issues.
  • Career guidance.
  • Grief and loss of loved ones or pets.
  • Locate the emotional root of a physical problem ~ a huge step towards healing the condition.
  • Connect with your Spirit Guides and animal totems.
  • Even past life questions can be addressed in this session, which can help you understand and heal the circumstances of this life.
  • You can leave with ‘homework’ that enhances your session, such as researching symbolism. or reading something in particular.You may have new information and guidance you can use to heal a relationship.
  • Sometimes delightful or deeply meaningful insights come from this homework, that you were meant to experience alone to enhance the specialness of the message.

You benefit significantly, and for the long term, from this session!

60 minutes    $120 (Includes a few minutes overtime when needed.)

90 minutes    $175 (Includes a few minutes overtime when needed.)

Reiki Session Protocol

Pre-Session Conversation

Getting acquainted: We discuss your questions and the particular healing issues you have in mind. We go over the mechanics of the session so you’ll know what to expect. The protocol outlined below can be modified to suit your needs (ie, if you have trouble laying on your back for example.)

Reiki Session

  • You remove shoes, watch, and extra jewelry.
  • Fully dressed, you begin by laying on your back unless we’ve discussed otherwise.
  • A pillow is placed under your knees to alleviate stress to your back, you may use a pillow and blanket if you wish.
  • I will scan to locate areas in need of balancing then use designated/intuitive Reiki healing hand positions on the front and/or back of your body.
  • Finally, I’ll scan for chakra balance and close your aura.
  • Rest while I get water/juice for you

Post-Session Conversation
This is an opportunity to discuss your experience and feelings, and to ask questions about your session.
We’ll recap the intuitive guidance that came through for you.

Payment, and scheduling of next session, if so desired.