Grief Healing Sessions

Profound healing can occur when you discover that your friend, loved one or pet has not left you. They left their body, but their consciousness is still fully present. Intuitive Grief Healing is the process of connecting with someone you love on ‘the other side’, in order to help you achieve inner peace about their passing.

What are the benefits of Intuitive Grief Healing?

A state of grieving can put one’s life on hold indefinitely. Feeling that things were left unsaid, distress about whether the loved one is still in pain, or simply a need to express love to the one who’s passed on are some examples of things that can get a person stuck in grief for years. Traditional counseling is wonderful, however the intuitive realm is a very direct means to understand and heal the grief of physical death.   Your consciousness is made personally aware of the continuity of Life, which in itself is transformational!

What happens when a person dies?

There are innumerable scenarios, depending upon the degree to which that soul has evolved. I refer you to an excellent book, ‘Journey Of Souls’ by Michael Newton, PhD.  Be assured that when we need it, we are greeted by loved ones and our Guides/Angels, we’re comforted and encouraged, we process the life we just left, and we rest and continue to evolve.

How is it possible to speak with someone who’s died?

When we get into our car, we don’t forget who we are and think we’re a car do we?  Well, we aren’t our bodies either!  We are Spiritual beings having an Earth experience in a body ~ we’re in school here, so to speak: We had consciousness before we were born into our current body. When we leave this body, our consciousness remains fully intact and continues to live and evolve. Our life on earth is transitory, our life in Spirit is forever. Your friend or loved on the other side still has full consciousness, the same as if they were still in their body.  It’s that simple.   Click for Rules Of The Game!

There is a ‘veil’ between those in bodies and those on the other side, and some people can bypass the veil to see, hear, and/or sense beings in spirit.  That is what I do.  I desire to help people heal and evolve their consciousness.   Your grief stimulates my compassion, which becomes my bridge to the other side.

How is communication initiated?

Sometimes an individual will contact me for this service, and sometimes a spirit initiates contact.  I can be standing in line at a store, or be on the phone with a salesperson, or sitting on an airplane, anywhere!, when I start to hear and see someone on the other side who wants to communicate with who’s next to me.  I confirm with Spirit:  “If You’d have me deliver these messages, please provide the opportunity.”  Invariably the person turns and starts talking to me, and wonderful healing is always the result.  A spirit on the other side must see something which tells them I can and will do this for them.  I always align my intention for the Highest Good of all concerned.

What happens during an Intuitive Grief Healing Session?

We begin by talking about your feelings, during which I connect empathically with your grief and/or concerns. It’s better to tell me very little about the person, other than perhaps the nature of your relationship (father, sister, best friend, etc.).   so what I see or hear isn’t colored by what you’ve told me. We ask for that spirit to be with us, then, if it’s meant to be, we proceed until we feel we’re done.  We close with a discussion of your new feelings and anything else related to the matter that you’d like to share.

Do I have to believe in spirit contact, in order for it to happen?

It’s possible to accomplish this even if one doesn’t believe in it, but it’s key to have a positive attitude.  There’s wisdom in discernment, but a contrary attitude or ridicule can block the process.  During one skeptical gentleman’s session his deceased wife came through with many things to which he could relate.  He left shaking his head, saying, “I just don’t know how you did that.”  The result was he was comforted, and his mind was stimulated to learn more about eternal life for himself.   In order to know ‘Spiritual Mysteries’, we must each embark upon our own adventures of discovery.  Intuitive grief healing is one such adventure.

Do you offer this service only to those who are experiencing grief?

Communication with friends and loved ones is available to anyone who desires to make contact with someone on the ‘other side’.  There are innumerable good purposes one might have for this kind of spirit contact.

Where do we do the session?

This type of session is done in person or by phone or Skype.  You and I need only be aware of each other.  This is a spiritual exercise, and in Spirit there’s no distance between us.  The spirit with whom we’re asking to connect simply joins our ‘space’.

Will the spirit of the person I want to contact definitely come through?

Communication is a two-way street.  When you are sincerely interested, and the spirit of your loved one wants to be in touch with you too, then we will likely be successful.  Sometimes another friend or loved one comes through in their place.

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How can I arrange a session with you?

We meet on the internet, by phone, or in person. Please email for more information and include your phone number and the best time to call.

What is your fee for a Grief Healing session?

The fee for this intensive and comprehensive, 90-minute to 2 hr. session is $165.00

Session includes:

Spiritual Discussion
Contact with desired soul as best as possible at that time
(others may come through for you too!)
Reiki in a chair, on the Reiki table, or via distant Reiki if we are in different locations.


Please add a flat fee of $25 for each additional person attending the session.
Nominal travel fees may apply to travel to your location.


Donna M., Marblehead MA (regarding her Mother and Husband)

My session with Starr was incredible. My deceased mother and my late husband surprised me with a visit. Starr relayed messages about things only they and I knew about. She also referred to things that I had to ask my family to confirm.  For instance, she said that a baby who’s coming into our family wants to wear “the antique christening dress”.  I hadn’t told Starr about that.  Also, I didn’t know about such a dress but my aunt confirmed that indeed there was an antique dress.  So, Starr can connect with the deceased, AND with those coming into the world. She helped me heal the past and provided spiritual guidance on how to move forward, too.  So exciting! Thank you so much Starr!