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The seven primary archangels provide you with a specific healing, energy, teaching, and aspect of love, light and truth. Sometimes past/present life issues, traumas, or subconscious programming create blockages between you and the teachings/energy of the seven realms. This exercise is designed to create full receptivity to all of the primary realms.

The seven realms are aligned with our seven primary chakras. Chakras are spinning vortexes that act as inflow and outflow points of energy for our bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). To lead a balanced life, our seven primary energy centers need to be open and balanced. One way to achieve this is to be fully open to the teaching of the seven archangel realms.

There are two approaches you can take to this exercise. I prefer the full routine, as the flow of energies from the realms combined is a wonderful feeling.

Note:  If you are attuned to Reiki, get it flowing to yourself as you do the exercise below!

Full routine:

Beginning with Archangel Auriel, recite the request for full connection to each realm.

Specific chakra technique:

Using the accompanying chart with a pendulum to dowse, or kinesiology, ask "What percentage am I open to the real of (archangel __)? Am I more than fifty percent, more than sixty percent?" etc., until you have determined the answer. Enter the percentage you are open in the corresponding box. You will discover that you will be completely open in some realms and blocked in others. Use the outlined procedure below to heal those chakras.

Procedure:sm_dove_L.gif (378 bytes)

  • Light a white candle for each archangel realm you wish to have one hundred percent available to you.
  • As you light each candle, speak the archangel’s name three times and request a full release of your blockage and a Divine reconnection with the energy and teaching of that specific realm. 

Example: "Archangel Auriel, Auriel, Auriel (pause for a few seconds, sense what you intuit about your having been heard ~ for surely you are heard!), I request a full release of my blockage to your realm of security, nature and compassion into the physical and material world. I request a Divine reconnection with the energy, healing and teaching of your realm, knowing it to be an aspect of my Self and an aspect of Creator."   Call upon each of the archangels, relating their respective qualities.

  • Allow the candles to burn as you experience the energies. When you feel finished, blow each candle out and close the ceremony by saying "Thank You" three times.

                                    Opening To Archangel Realms

    Corresponding Archangel Chakra




    Archangel Auriel

    Security, Nature, Compassion



    Archangel Zadkiel

    Emotions, Materialization, Creative Visualization

    Sexual, Creative


    Archangel Zophkiel

    Courage, Art, Beauty, Perfection, Balance

    Solar Plexus


    Archangel Raphael

    Healing, Love



    Archangel Gabriel

    Sound, Vibration, Communication



    Archangel Michael

    Truth, Protection



    Archangel Kamiel

    Light, Power, Energy




    (Venessa Rablston, as modified by Starr B.)

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